Vitamine w/ Orpheu the Wizard & Romansoff



Data: 20 Mai 2022, 23:00 Vineri


After a tremendous comeback party early April, we are back in Form Space for our favorite Fri-day, this time with two really special guests
The first one is no one else than the Wizard himself, Orpheu by his first name. The Red Light Radio co-founder and Dekmantel resident is as versatile as he's eclectic, and he's most probably one of the finest and most skilled DJs of the scene ! Houston do you copy ?
Our second guest, Romansoff, is one of the people behind the amazing Platforma Wolff in Bucharest, which became since its opening last summer one of the best place in the capital, if not the best. We linked with him a couple of years ago and it's a real pleasure to finally welcome him for one of our parties, his selection is shaped for ravenous dancers and he will introduce the magician in the best possible way
And last but not least, closing the night will be the Vitamine duty (with an Artrax b2b Absolem, the good old times is not that far after all), expect a flashy closing for this memorable occasion
See you all there
Artwork @andreeailisai

Line up :

Orpheu The Wizard (Dekmantel)
Romansoff (Platforma Wolff)
Early-bird tickets here (30lei)


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