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Data: 1 Iunie 2019, 23:00 Sâmbătă
Locul:Cluj, Urania Palace


Join us for this season's Indoor parties closing event! Summer is here, so we have a lot of big surprises for you!


Rosario Internullo was born in Sicily in 1973. Being a young music lover he started studying music at the age of 11.Rosario soon becomes one of the best DJs in south Italy. He had a residency at Factory in Athens and played in many clubs or legendary after-hours locations in Italy. In 1998, he comes in Romania. Rosario is a pioneer of electronic music in Romania,for the first time and he is invited to organize Zerillos after-hour parties, the first of this kind in Romania. As time goes by, his name in the after-hours scene is omnipresent.

In 1999 and 2000 he is invited to mix his music at Love Parade - Germany. In 2001 he puts up the 'InDeepAndDance' event in Mamaia, the first 48 hour party ever held in Romania, and he begins collaborating with Kudos Beach Club soon to become famous for its all-week-end parties. For years, Kudos Beach gathered every weekend the best Romanian DJs and also foreign artists like Lee Burridge, Ricardo Villalobos, Dubfire, Audiofly and many more.

In these past few years, Rosario Internullo was invited to play outside in a lot of club around Europe.

After all these years of clubbing, Rosario Internullo is considered now a DJ who did it all and yet is still more to come!

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