NOA Grand Reopening with ATB


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Data: 28 Septembrie 2019, 22:00 Sâmbătă


For 5 seasons, NOA has been your favourite party place, with nights that you do remember, and people that you simply can’t forget! In season 6, get ready to be amazed, as we will exceed your wildest expectations, with a clubbing experience like you’ve never lived before.
Saturday, 28th of September, international superstar ATB will open the white nights series in the Nest of Angels! Producer, DJ and songwriter, ATB has stayed on top of the trance, dance & chill out music game for over 20 years. You’ve felt the ecstasy of his songs, and you couldn’t believe the way they made you feel, so wait patiently (if you can) ‘til he comes in the Nest.
Join us for the greatest reopening party so far!

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