Multiverse w/ Janeret, Molnar & BSB ANULAT



Data: 28 Ianuarie 2023, 23:45 Sâmbătă


On the last Saturday of January, we go on an expedition together, once again, led by Janeret, an intriguing artist of the rising France scene, together with Molnar and BSB, two local DJs who will heat the engine of our spaceship and ground you in this esoteric mind-bending, grooves-powered cosmos.
We've seen you grow in numbers, with an average attendance at our last 4 Multiverse events of roughly 1000 people.
This can only mean that you enjoy the eclectic performances we set, the synergy of different arts that complement each lineup, the cathartic, yet distilled hours spent unwinding on the dancefloor and the #PeopleOfMultiverse.
Expect a smooth selection of minimal house and breaks, a steady stream of solid grooves and peculiar creations. Also, in order to keep delivering on our promise and morph distinctive arts into distinctive DJ sets, 2 new local visual artists will showcase their work as part of an online and offline exhibition.
• Janeret •
• Molnar •
• BSB •

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