Midnight Magic


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Data: 18 Ianuarie 2020, 23:00 Sâmbătă


It starts before midnight, but it's gonna be one magic night at Midi.
You're not gonna be alone, Route 8, Danaga and Akos are gonna be there waiting for you.
Be there!

(Route 8) Gergely Szilveszter Horváth has been making a name for himself under a number of guises such as Route 8, Q3A and DJ Ciderman for labels such as Lobster Theremin, Delsin, and at his own label This Is Our Time a number of years.

The Hungarian producer has dipped his toes into a number of genres in this time through techno, electro, breakbeat, and anything in-between but always heavily leaning towards his love for house. With his most recent release as Route 8 on This Is Our Time, Szilveszter continues to explore the dance floor trough warm melodies and body moving beats.

With both his DJ sets and live sets he has travelled the world playing at some of the most respected clubs such as Bassiani, Concrete, Sub Club, Blitz, Corsica Studios, Panorama Bar, Le Sucre, Circus Tokyo, Faust and Robert Johnson while being a resident DJ at his hometown club, Lärm. With more releases planned for 2020 under both Route 8 and DJ Ciderman and his debut Route 8 album is in the works, the future looks very bright indeed.

Danaga (Daniel Aga) is a musician from Cluj known to the public for his melodious and eclectic style on the debut album 'Am n-wings' (2013), appreciated by a diverse audience and with positive reviews in the online magazinesInspirationist.ro, Sub25 and Vice . Since then he has published a collection of remixes, two EPs and a poem album called 'Spiro', in collaboration with the Cluj poet Andrei Doboș, an album nominated by Vice in the section of the best Romanian music in June 2017.
His music is a hybrid of jazz, krautrock, trip-hop, house or techno with tribal and folkloric influences and the albums are available in digital format at addressadanaga.bandcamp.comIt has appeared on stage alongside important names in electronic music such as Slient Strike , Subcarpathians, Guts, Baba Zula, Renegades of Jazz, Nightmares on Wax and in its sets combine organic elements, live looping, syncopated beats, mash-ups and improvised 'on the spot' remixes.

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