Fear of Sunsets | George Crîngașu



Data: 20 Octombrie - 15 Noiembrie 2021


George Crîngașu

01.10.2021 - 15.11.2021
Oct 1st | 6-9PM

Zina Gallery is pleased to invite you to our one-year anniversary exhibition. After a summer break we start the new season with the first solo exhibition of paintings by artist George Crîngașu, titled Fear of Sunsets. The opening will take place on Friday, the 1st of October and will be open to the public between 6 PM and 9 PM.

With Fear of Sunsets, George Crîngașu creates an environment for multiple manners of approaching the ‘arrow of time,’ or the polarities of time-framing. Working as an interstice, it collides visual stimulations and self cross-citations. Gliding across various media, from paintings to sculptural objects and 3D adornments, the show makes for an intricate sight of a layered artistic practice. A post-medium twilight landscape where the hazardous has slowly (but steadily) settled into a graspable, traceable map.

George Crîngașu (b.1988 in Focșani, Romania) lives and works in Cluj-Napoca. Known for his works in the area of digital collage and installation, that utilise strategies from the information flow of the online environment to juxtapose images that create both tangible and immaterial realities, his practice focuses on data manipulation, with work ranging from installation and video to print. More recently however, he explores the new possibilities opened by digital materialities and cyber aesthetics in the medium of painting.
The artist’s work has been exhibited in venues such as Nicodim Gallery in Bucharest, the Art Encounters Biennale in Timișoara, Digital Art Festival in Athens and Liste Art Fair in Basel.


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