Data: 12 Mai 2023, 20:00 Vineri


MONO the Japanese band for the first time in /FORM Space.
Japanese instrumental rock group MONO are in the midst of a world tour celebrating their new album ‘Pilgrimage of the Soul’ 2023.
‘Pilgrimage of the Soul’ is the 11th studio album in the 22-year career of Japanese experimental rock legends. It has galvanized fans as perhaps the most unexpected MONO album to date – the well established interplay of whisper quiet and devastatingly loud is there, but crafted with new electronic textures and faster tempos notably influenced by techno. Of course, it is as awash in splendour as much as anything the band has ever done.
Originally formed in 1999, MONO’s unique approach blends orchestral arrangements and shoegaze guitar noise into memorable and emotional epics. Consistently held in high regard by their peers, their music has been praised by media, including NME proclaiming “This is music for the Gods.” Amongst their fans, they are revered as one of the best live experiences in rock.
They are also one of the hardest working bands on the planet – their annual world tours consist of over 150 shows and they have also established themselves as respected curators for the After Hours Festivals in China and Japan.



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