Kalamata [de], Riot Monk [ro]


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Data: 27 Februarie 2018, 21:00 Marţi
Locul:Cluj, Flying Circus PUB
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Evenimentul:Kalamata [de], Riot Monk [ro]
Începutul evenimentului:27 Februarie 2018, 21:00


Cluj Napoca Rock n' Roll:

  • Kalamata [de]
  • Riot Monk [ro]

Acces: 20 Lei // 30 Lei la intrare

This Hildesheim based trio Kalamata performs instrumental psychedelic- stoner rock and combine it with original space-rock elements out of the 70`s. Driving bass riffs and colourful guitar-patterns emerge on top of a deep rolling rhythm section. 

This instrumental music will guide you through the night like LSD while you´re sitting on a wild cow`s back.

AAAAAaarrhhhhhhh says: Instrumental stoner rock is one of my favorite thing, but it really works best with some psych vibes. Kalamata gets it and delivers a massive trip to the stars with this fantastic album. The guitars sounds conveniently fuzzy, the riffs hits the brain instantly. The atmosphere is the ideal balance between joy and sadness, warm and cold, life and death. I cant stop listening to that masterpiece. Favorite track: Die.

Dialectic Stoner Vibrations says: Each song builds up and then off one another like an instrumental stoner orchestra that will take you on a journey Favorite track: You.

Steve Rodger says: Excellent heavy instrumental stoner with a nice touch of doom thrown in. This is one of the best albums I have downloaded recently. I know for a fact the band play Gibson SG's and use Orange amps for that fuzzy sound today's kids go for. Favorite track: You.

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