Creepy Willie - Loutfire - Goatrocity



Data: 11 Iunie 2022, 21:00 Sâmbătă


Ladies and germs girlies and worms,

Creepy Willie vine la Cluj!!!

Sunteti pregatiti pentru un show macabru???

Support artisti: 25 lei


Creepy Willie is a macabre-themed progressive metal band with a theatrical twist. The band was formed in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in 2019. The band members are Lucian Pop (guitar/bass/vocals), Ionuț Mone (guitar/bass/vocals) and Alex Mușat (drums).

Creepy Willie’s debut album, entitled “The Creepy Willie Show” is built around the idea of a macabre, sinister circus. Each song represents an exhibit or act from this sideshow, ranging from a dancing zombie with a repulsive dance (Zomberman) to killer monster babies (Cannibal Babies) and the classical sawing-in-half but with a macabre, supernatural twist (Hack Slash Rebirth). The songs are connected with interludes, in which Creepy Willie presents the demonstration that is about to follow - in a highly theatrical manner.

The album is meant to be a single, ample musical experience, combining genres ranging from blues and stoner rock to djent and death metal. The album is wild and eccentric, incorporating screams and growls, catchy choruses, bluesy guitar parts and even a lullaby.

Each of the songs have their own artwork, for a more accurate depiction of the action that takes place within each piece, providing an even more immersive experience.

Creepy Willie released one music video (Hack Slash Rebirth) as well as two lyric videos (La Llorona and Cannibal Babies) to date.


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