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In 1990, through some fans of the band, a group of French reporters listened to some songs recorded on an audio tape, remaining pleasantly impressed. They get in touch with a record company in Paris and with several radio stations, an approach that gives birth to a tour of the band in France, on which occasion they also record the first single on vinyl - "Ana".
The period of crystallization of the musical genre, with Balkan elements combined with Western rock, begin to define the CARGO musical expression/style.
Thanks to the rich concert and studio activity, the group matures, finds its way and the musical genre that it does not change, the composed music becomes deeper and deeper, with various themes and texts, moving from socio-political to love, history, mystical , religion, supernatural. All this, together with the "dragon" emblem (the banner of the Dacian army) make the CARGO lineup unique and easy to identify today.
Songs like "Aproape de voi", "Doi pași", "Nu pot trăi fără tine", "Mama" etc. are reference songs of the band, and the song "Dacă ploaia s-ar opri" from the album "Spiritus Sanctus", is considered one of the most beautiful Romanian rock ballads, being the most played song after the 1989 Revolution and number 1 for 41 weeks at Europa FM.


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